Financial analysis

Financial analysis and development of recommendations to improve on existing situation of your business.

Many employers ordered book-keeping services from other companies, some of them not sure about professional background of own personnel.

Top manager of company often getting accustomed to standing debtor’s status and hasn’t vision about planned results, because he need to do operative payments from incoming money. In existing economic conditions, when turnover money is more limited, managing director of the producing company need to be care with making turnover payments and with management of routine jobs, to make tactical plans, which can’t be made without objective analysis of existing situation, but to make strategical business plans, top management employees hasn’t time and resources also.

If you would like to look to real financial situation in your company, thinking about purchasing of expensive production equipment or getting investments, or if you are not assured in quality of accounting and planning of your company’s finances, you need to control situation and our specialists can make diagnostics of finances, make conclusion and develop recommendations to make situation better, if it will be necessary also.

This offer can be interesting for venders of expensive production equipment, which give guarantees to investors about credit payments for acquisition and installation of devices, because that can put down risk of financial damages.

Contract with SIA “Poligrāfijas tehnoloģiju konsultācijas” for offering this service include article with conditions about safety of confidential information, that means, our clients can feels safety, security and can be sure about maintenance in the secret of the financial and organizational indexes.