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Prices on services are indicated in EUR, and they do not include VAT. Calculations are carried out: upon non-cash settlement on a bank account (BANK WIRE), by another method indicated in an agreement or through the system.

Questions can be set by email or by Skype (login: PolTehKon)

Internationas standart ISO 15930-3 (Graphic technology -- Prepress digital data exchange -- Use of PDF -- Part 3: Complete exchange suitable for colour-managed workflows (PDF/X-3)) need  to use PDF/X3 preset. That setting assist to make PDF file without errors. You need to make PS file at first and then – use Acrobat Distiller program to make PDF from that PS file. If you can not make PDF file – that indicate problems in lay-out. You need to find errors and make corrections there. List of errors can be long, but can be “not so long”. That is depend from qualification and regard of lay-out maker. If you can not find errors, we can offer you our competence – to find and correct errors in your lay-out. We can comment corrections at a time and your lay-out maker will keep that rules in the future. If we will comment correction of errors at a time – price will depend from consumed time. Price for correction without comments is fixed. If it is needed to make big job with many or difficult corrections, price for this service can be conform separatly.

Our master, after your accept, will connect to the computer of your lay-out maker and make correction job visible to your staff.

When you send us your PDF file, we check that and send to you list of errors. If you can not make corrections in open lay-out file, our master can to do corrections in your PDF. Of course, after we get accept from customer for this action. If that is necessary, after RIP operation, we can send Contone SoftProof or Halftone Proof for the customer’s confirmation.

That can be “remote service” in the TeamViewer and Skype .

Clients having argeement get a discount.

Is possible one free order to try the service

Connection is carried out by email or by Skype (login: PolTehKon). In an agreement on service a telephone number is indicated.