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Dear colleagues!

The mission of the printing industry – to make high quality print product from the original. We talk all the time about incapability to make good copies from original, about inconsistent printing process, but we don’t think about specific original. This original is digital and if we want to make identical copy, we need to produce video monitors, but not to waste paper. If we want to print on paper with inks our digital original, which has colors only in someones mind, we need to find skilled „interpreter” from virtual reality to perceived for all of us language of physical and chemical processes.

We offer you our competence:

• to check your computer layout and inform you about the errors;

• to adapt computer layout to requirement of particular printing house;

• to manage your production process;

• to recommend save printers for certain products for you;

• to check the competence of your stuff;

• to develop professional skills of your stuff;

• to make colorimetric adjustment of colour imaging equipment (display, printer, camera, scanner, light box);

• to adjust/make CMS (color management system).

We would like to offer one more service for your business:

financial analysis and development of recommendations to improve on existing situation of your business.

Many employers ordered book-keeping services from other companies, some of them not sure about professional background of own personnel…

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We can offer our original technological and managerial solutions

1. Traditional offset printing on OPP (oriented polypropylene) materials.

This technology get ExxonMobil Chemical Films Europe OPPack Award 2003 in honour to successed start of printing in traditional offset on OPP film. This technology was initiated in various latvian printing houses.

Detailed info see on page 11 of app.

2. Original professional development courses for middle managers of print production from printing industry enterprises.

Detailed info see Professional development/Intensive courses No.1

3. Organization of colour proofing workflow on RGB-output profiles without RIP application.

Detailed info see

Publications No.2 (Rus/Lat)

4. Characterisation (profile making) of transmissive and reflective materials for LightBoxes.

Technology maker: Alexey Shadrin, specialist of imaging technology..

5. “Remote services” (prepress online). You can order technical support, assistance or consulting via internet area. You can order to check layout in PDF, to make corrections in PDF, to adjust CMS, to make colour adjustment of images, to make Contone & Halftone Proof.

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